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Healthy Height.png

Healthy Height

Children's Nutritional Shake

Is your child underweight? Has their pediatrician mentioned using a supplemental shake? Are you worried that your child isn't getting enough healthy nutrition? We love Healthy Height's Children's Nutritional Shakes because they contain far less sugar and have a much more robust nutritional profile than the competitors. 

Use Coupon Code HH15

at checkout for a 15% off discount

Begin Prebiotic.png

Begin Health

Growing Up Prebiotics

Are you transitioning your child off breast milk or formula onto cow's milk? Are you looking to optimize your toddler's gut flora for better health? This Growing Up Prebiotic includes 2'-FL HMO (a unique molecule identical to that in breast milk) and healthy chicory root fiber to help optimize growth of healthy bacteria in the gut.

Nooli 2.png

Nooli by Grabease

Ergonomic Utensils

These amazing baby utensils promote independent self-feeding and come with a choke protection guard for added safety. These are great for starting your infant on baby-led-weaning feeding.

Ready Set Food.png

Ready, Set, Food

Nervous to introduce the previously called "allergen foods" to your infant? Not sure when or how certain foods should be introduced? Family history of food allergies? This product takes care of the hassle and stress and gives you a research-proven safe and effective way to introduce new "allergen" foods to your infant!

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