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8 Unlikely Foods That Contain Protein

Many parents are concerned with their child's intake of important nutrients. One of the most common concerns I hear is that parents feel like their child doesn't eat enough protein. When this fear is discussed, what usually is uncovered is that the parents fear the child isn't eating as much meat sources as they need to for adequate protein. While meat is a great source of protein (and iron), there are several other foods that contain protein.

In this a recent post, we discussed how much protein kids actually need, and the number might surprise you! Parents are often pleasantly surprised when they realize the amount of protein needed for adequate growth is much lower than originally thought.

With that in mind, if you have a child who just doesn't eat much in the meat department, take heart. Here are 8 foods (that you might already serving) that contain protein listed in order from most protein to least.

1. Edamame (1/2 cup cooked 8g)

2. Avocado (1 cup sliced 2.9g)

3. Asparagus (1 cup cooked 2.9g)

4. Broccoli: (1 cup cooked 2.8g)

5. Zucchini (1/2 cup 2.6g)

6. Sweet potato (1 cup cubed 2.1g)

7. Potato (1/2 cup diced 1.5g)

8. Peach (1 medium 1.4g)

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