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Comparing Different Types of Milk and What's Best for Infants and Toddlers

At one year of age 2 servings of dairy per day is recommended. And 2.5 servings for ages 2-3 years.

Cow's milk: Why is it recommended:

Make a comparison table...

Nutrient Content: For one cup of milk:

146 calories

7.9 g of fat

7.8 g of protein

Soy Milk: Why it can be a great alternative

Nutrient Content:

110 calories

4.5 gram of fat

8 gram of protein

6 gram of sugar

Almond Milk: Why it can be a great alternative

Nutrient Content:

60 calories

2.5 gram of fat

1 gram of protein

7 gram of sugar

Goat Milk: Why it isn't a great alternative

Nutrient Content:

168 calories

10 gram fat

8.7 g of protein

Other ways to include healthy fats into your infant or toddler's diet include: cheese and whole milk yogurt, avocados, eggs (include the yolk), fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines), chia seeds, olive oil, coconut oil.

Raw Milk: Raw milk will vary depending on the type of animal that it comes from. We do NOT recommend raw milk as it is not pasturized. Pasturized milk undergoes a process that kills the bacteria and viruses in the milk. It can make you or your child very ill or cause death. Out little ones have an underdeveloped immune system and gut, so it is even riskier with them.

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