Bring the Doctor and the Dietitian to you

Mom's groups, parent groups, healthcare settings are all a great fit to have the Doctor and Dietitian share their infant & child feeding expertise.

Their signature Feeding with Freedom and Grace group class provides an overview session of how to successfully feed a family. Parents today are bombarded with a host of information on how to do all things in parenting "the best way" and feeding kids is no exception. Many moms and dads are overwhelmed, feeling that they are not doing enough. Others feel like they are doing all they know how, but their children are still such picky eaters! 


Attendees of this group class will gain the knowledge of research proven feeding theories and nutrition basics along with practical steps on how to implement this knowledge and how to handle picky eaters during the everyday meal.  Parents will leave with a renewed confidence to feed their families.





Other areas of pediatric feeding and health are also able to be spoken on. Contact us today.

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