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A New Kind of Resolution

I have spent countless Januaries trying to stick to a New Year’s resolution that has never satisfied. Resolutions to lose weight. Eat less of fill in the blank. Workout 100x more than I normally do.

And every year, I never obtain what I set out for.

Don’t get me wrong, I love resolutions. I love setting goals, planning for things, trying to improve areas that are not up to par.

But after many years of these typical resolutions I am deciding to try something different.

Some History

Now a little backstory. I have always struggled with my perception of my body. In typical girl fashion, I have thought that I was fat more times that I can count, and wished countless other things would change about my body.

After having kids, my struggle intensified and I found myself binging on sweets (primarily) when my babies were napping or asleep for the night. This made me feel more stress over my body/weight and gave me a desire for something different.

I want to enjoy my life, my food choices, my body.

Something Has to Change

I don’t want my kids to remember their mom as someone who wouldn’t eat ice cream with them, or the pizza, or even as one who would sneak candy when they weren’t looking.

This year my resolution is: FREEDOM.

Seeking Freedom

Freedom for my own self.

To accept and love my body where it is at.

To make it a priority to take good care of this body- with satisfying meals, and exercise that makes me happy.

To enjoy things that I don’t make the time for (because I tell myself, “I am too busy!”), like ballet and reading books.

Even more so, I want freedom in feeding my kids.

Freedom from feeling like I have to make beautiful, perfect meals and snacks.

Freedom from feeling like I am “doing it wrong” if they don’t eat what I offer.

And freedom FOR my kids.

Freedom from the pressure that I still unintentionally place on my kids to eat what I deem as “healthy.”

Freedom to enjoy sweets and trust their hunger/fullness well enough to know when to stop.

And probably most importantly, freedom for myself when I begin to believe that I am failing all over again.

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